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Welcome! This is a web-based "witchboard" similar to Hasbro's Ouija Board. You should first ask yourself a question and then use your mouse as an electronic planchette. The most fun can be had when several people play with each person putting one hand on the mouse. When your mouse comes to a stop click the mouse button. The page will register the nearest letter and update the list of letters at the top of the page. You should make sure that the cursor is within the image before clicking. More information is available here .

In addition to this page we also have three other boards:

  1. A board by Kipling West.
  2. A bigger board.
  3. The psychedelic, 60's talking board.

We realize that these "talking boards," "witchboards," and Hasbro's Ouija Boards do not have a good reputation. Some see them as demonic. Others see it as a gateway to the occult. We merely view it as a fun thing to do with friends and less evil than playing with your TIVO or your new XBox. (Wait, maybe that is not such a good comparison.)

This page hosted by at We also have an online store that has vaguely related stuff.


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